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Drill Bit/carbide twist drill/

solid carbide flat bottom drill bits

Product name: Flat-bottom Drill bits
Flute Length:16~80mm
Shank Diameter: 4~20mm
Total Length:49~135mm
Material: Tungsten carbide/solid carbide
application: CNC Machining center/drill machine
Coolant hole: None
Orgin: China
Brand: Wxsoon
OEM/ODM: Acceptable

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wxsoon Solid tungsten carbide flat bottom drill | OEM/ODM flat bottom drill manufacturer

Specification parameters of solid carbide flat bottom drill bits
D3.0-L16-D4-L49 D6.0-L24-D6-L65 D9.0-L36-D10-L81 D12.0-L48-D12-L98 D15.0-L60-D16-L113 D18.0-L72-D18-L125
D3.1-L16-D4-L49 D6.1-L28-D8-L69 D9.1-L40-D10-L85 D12.1-L52-D14-L102 D15.1-L64-D16-L117 D18.1-L76-D20-L131
D3.2-L16-D4-L49 D6.2-L28-D8-L69 D9.2-L40-D10-L85 D12.2-L52-D14-L102 D15.2-L64-D16-L117 D18.2-L76-D20-L131
D3.3-L16-D4-L49 D6.3-L28-D8-L69 D9.3-L40-D10-L85 D12.3-L52-D14-L102 D15.3-L64-D16-L117 D18.3-L76-D20-L131
D3.4-L16-D4-L49 D6.4-L28-D8-L69 D9.4-L40-D10-L85 D12.4-L52-D14-L102 D15.4-L64-D16-L117 D18.4-L76-D20-L131
D3.5-L16-D4-L50 D6.5-L28-D8-L69 D9.5-L40-D10-L85 D12.5-L52-D14-L102 D15.5-L64-D16-L117 D18.5-L76-D20-L131
D3.6-L16-D4-L50 D6.6-L28-D8-L69 D9.6-L40-D10-L85 D12.6-L52-D14-L102 D15.6-L64-D16-L117 D18.6-L76-D20-L131
D3.7-L16-D4-L50 D6.7-L28-D8-L69 D9.7-L40-D10-L85 D12.7-L52-D14-L102 D15.7-L64-D16-L117 D18.7-L76-D20-L131
D3.8-L16-D4-L50 D6.8-L28-D8-L69 D9.8-L40-D10-L85 D12.8-L52-D14-L102 D15.8-L64-D16-L117 D18.8-L76-D20-L131
D3.9-L16-D4-L50 D6.9-L28-D8-L69 D9.9-L40-D10-L85 D12.9-L52-D14-L102 D15.9-L64-D16-L117 D18.9-L76-D20-L131
D4.0-L16-D4-L50 D7.0-L28-D8-L69 D10.0-L40-D10-L85 D13.0-L52-D14-L102 D16.0-L64-D16-L117 D19.0-L76-D20-L131
D4.1-L20-D6-L61 D7.1-L32-D8-L73 D10.1-L44-D12-L94 D13.1-L56-D14-L106 D16.1-L68-D18-L121 D19.1-L80-D20-L135
D4.2-L20-D6-L61 D7.2-L32-D8-L73 D10.2-L44-D12-L94 D13.2-L56-D14-L106 D16.2-L68-D18-L121 D19.2-L80-D20-L135
D4.3-L20-D6-L61 D7.3-L32-D8-L73 D10.3-L44-D12-L94 D13.3-L56-D14-L106 D16.3-L68-D18-L121 D19.3-L80-D20-L135
D4.4-L20-D6-L61 D7.4-L32-D8-L73 D10.4-L44-D12-L94 D13.4-L56-D14-L106 D16.4-L68-D18-L121 D19.4-L80-D20-L135
D4.5-L20-D6-L61 D7.5-L32-D8-L73 D10.5-L44-D12-L94 D13.5-L56-D14-L106 D16.5-L68-D18-L121 D19.5-L80-D20-L135
D4.6-L20-D6-L61 D7.6-L32-D8-L73 D10.6-L44-D12-L94 D13.6-L56-D14-L106 D16.6-L68-D18-L121 D19.6-L80-D20-L135
D4.7-L20-D6-L61 D7.7-L32-D8-L73 D10.7-L44-D12-L94 D13.7-L56-D14-L106 D16.7-L68-D18-L121 D19.7-L80-D20-L135
D4.8-L20-D6-L61 D7.8-L32-D8-L73 D10.8-L44-D12-L94 D13.8-L56-D14-L106 D16.8-L68-D18-L121 D19.8-L80-D20-L135
D4.9-L20-D6-L61 D7.9-L32-D8-L73 D10.9-L44-D12-L94 D13.9-L56-D14-L106 D16.9-L68-D18-L121 D19.9-L80-D20-L135
D5.0-L20-D6-L61 D8.0-L32-D8-L73 D11.0-L44-D12-L94 D14.0-L56-D14-L106 D17.0-L68-D18-L121 D20.0-L80-D20-L135
D5.1-L24-D6-L65 D8.1-L36-D10-L81 D11.1-L48-D12-L98 D14.1-L60-D16-L113 D17.1-L72-D18-L125
D5.2-L24-D6-L65 D8.2-L36-D10-L81 D11.2-L48-D12-L98 D14.2-L60-D16-L113 D17.2-L72-D18-L125
D5.3-L24-D6-L65 D8.3-L36-D10-L81 D11.3-L48-D12-L98 D14.3-L60-D16-L113 D17.3-L72-D18-L125
D5.4-L24-D6-L65 D8.4-L36-D10-L81 D11.4-L48-D12-L98 D14.4-L60-D16-L113 D17.4-L72-D18-L125
D5.5-L24-D6-L65 D8.5-L36-D10-L81 D11.5-L48-D12-L98 D14.5-L60-D16-L113 D17.5-L72-D18-L125
D5.6-L24-D6-L65 D8.6-L36-D10-L81 D11.6-L48-D12-L98 D14.6-L60-D16-L113 D17.6-L72-D18-L125
D5.7-L24-D6-L65 D8.7-L36-D10-L81 D11.7-L48-D12-L98 D14.7-L60-D16-L113 D17.7-L72-D18-L125
D5.8-L24-D6-L65 D8.8-L36-D10-L81 D11.8-L48-D12-L98 D14.8-L60-D16-L113 D17.8-L72-D18-L125
D5.9-L24-D6-L65 D8.9-L36-D10-L81 D11.9-L48-D12-L98 D14.9-L60-D16-L113 D17.9-L72-D18-L125

1. Are you manufacturer? Do you have factory?
Yes,WXSOON is Professional manufacturer which located in Wuxi City Jiangsu Province in China,we have more than 20 years experience in this field metal cutting tools.

2. What machines are you using to produce carbide tools?
WXSOON have Hawemat Walter,ANCA grinding machines in our factory, also have Zoller detection machine &PG1000 Checking machine from USA

3.How about shipping cost?
WXSOON can offer shipping method according to customers request, we will give you some discount if you buy large quantity products.

4. Can you delivery products to our Forwarder in China?
Yes, ,we will delivery the order to the place if you have forwarder in China

5. Do you make OEM/ODM?
Yes, we can offer OEM/ODM service. We have laser machine,can laser your logo and sizes on the body of cutting tools,also can print labels.

6. How about the delivery time?
Usually 5~12 days. According to the quantity,delivery time is different. We will confirm before you plan to order with wxsoon.

7. Do you attend International Exhibition?
Yes, we had attended exhibitions in Germany(EMO), Indonesia, Malaysia .Russia. India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. We are ready to go to America and Brazil.

8. Can you produce Special carbide Tools ?
Yes We can. Our factory main market change from standard cutting tools to special tools. Special tools according your drawings or samples.




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